As a team
we deliver regulatory affairs excellence worldwide

At Hylobates Consulting srl we specialize in risk assessment, scientific and regulatory consulting in the food and cosmetic sectors.

Since 2003, our clients are offered the most advanced scientific and regulatory applied knowledge in food safety, on labeling and health claims for food supplements, dietetic products and common foods, as well as regulatory dossiers on ingredients and claims.

Food supplements

As consumers seek to maintain and improve their health.


Across the world, consumers may prefer newer, healthier or traditional food products.


Consumers have responded to e-commerce…


Household products are a part of our everyday lives.

Novel Foods / Other Technical Dossiers

Innovation is key to growth in the food sector.

Advertising and Claims

Foods and cosmetic products are advertised non-stop on TV channels, in all sorts of social media, and in stores.

Sport Nutrition

Hylobates has been for 15 years at the forefront of supporting from a regulatory standpoint the sports nutrition industry.